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Optimized Refrigeration Control For:

  • Food Manufacturing
  • Cold Storage
  • Breweries
  • Commercial Unitary Equipment
  • Ice Arenas

TechCold's Values

Integrity - in all business dealings
Honesty - in all communications
Dedication - to service in all projects
Respect - for all stakeholders
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Customer Testimonials

"While TCI was operating the plant, an operator questioned TCI’s compressor selection. Ron McIntyre, the refrigeration superintendent, suggested that the operator run the plant manually for a period. When it was taken off of TCI, the energy use increased substantially.

This incident along with knowledge that there has been considerable energy use reduction since the installation of TCI, have made us believers in the effectiveness of the TCI control system.

We are very pleased with the TCI system and are now interested in its installation in our other plants."

Wayne Wilson – Chief engineer
Ron McIntyre – Boiler & Refrigeration Superintendent
Cavendish Farms Food Service

"We had 2 other competitors for control systems. TechCold had a great price and great service. In 2010, we will be building a 4-Plex and will be putting in a TCI Arena Control System in the new facility."

- Ms. Debbie Allen, Facilities Manager, Quispamsis Memorial Arena, Quispamsis, NB

"The staff from (TechCold) has been a pleasure to deal with. They have gone out of their way to give all four of the City of Fredericton arenas, all of which have Pro-Act Arena Controllers, prompt and efficient service…….The Controller was installed as an energy saver and has accomplished that task very well. We have calculated that we have received energy savings in the range of 25%."

- Mike Murray, Facility Manager, Lady Beaverbrook Arena, Fredericton, NB

"Since we installed the TCI Refrigeration Control System, it has made life a lot easier for the refrigeration operators. The refrigeration plant is so stable now. This frees up a lot of time for the operators to do other things. We were able to cut down on the operator coverage, which is a substantial yearly savings.
We have a lot of peace of mind with the TCI System. I can tell with one glance how the plant is running."

- Bob Simpson, Chief Engineer, Atlas Cold Storage, Toronto, ON

"We are very pleased with the operation and service of our TCI refrigeration Control System. The system runs very smoothly, and we are already seeing significant energy savings. Our discharge pressure is constant and we are experiencing fewer and shorter defrost cycles. Our refrigeration engineers find the interface controls very user friendly and helpful in monitoring our processes."

- Mark Ingerman, Grand Bank Seafoods, Nfld.

"The ease of remote system access allows regular monitoring and system adjustments from away with a great number of changes available. It integrated smoothly with our system and has greatly improved control features and monitoring abilities. The ability to have power save features has indeed proven itself as well… we have reduced our normal bill by 15-20% on average."

- Peter Frye, Bayside Foods Terminal, NB

"We can say from experience that the TechCold rink control really does do everything it is supposed to… The difference in compressor and brine pump runtime is far greater than we expected. It is even better than they told us it would be. This system should pay for itself many times over… I would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to use system that saves a bundle."

- Derek Mesh, Barrington Arena, NS

"AMT’s product and systems knowledge has been extremely helpful. Even more important to us has been the extensive ‘hands on’ familiarity and experience in the area of industrial refrigeration."

- Joel McLaughlin, Paturel International

"I have been in the arena business for over 15 years and nobody comes close to the Pro-Act control system. I now have the best ice around and that’s hard for a 4 pad that operates year around. I even save on power. Pro-Act control is user friendly. Every rink should have one."

- Jean Martin, Operations Manager, Tim Hortons 4-Ice Centre

"We have found TechCold to be a highly dedicated and professional company with a strong drive to deliver a fully integrated quality solution. We found the staff at TechCold to be very knowledgeable of the refrigeration plant and very willing to work with ourselves and a refrigeration consultant to achieve a very successful project. We very much look forward to working with TechCold in the future and would recommend their system to any potential customers."

- Charlie Francis, Technical Director, Eltek Systems Ltd